3 Important Questions To Ask About Hiring A Videographer

Hiring a professional videographer is a great way to ensure that your memories are captured for any special occasion—on video and not just in pictures. It's true that your friends may be recording your wedding or birthday party or other special moments on their smartphones, but a professional can ensure that nothing is missed and that everything looks professionally filmed and recorded. Before you hire a videographer, note some important questions you might want to ask to ensure that these special moments are not lost, and that you understand everything involved in the process of using their services.

1. How is the sound handled?

An overhead microphone can be very distracting for any occasion, and many of today's professional cameras have a microphone built in so that overhead mics are not needed. A professional videographer may also have a wireless microphone that he or she will attach to an individual during certain times, such as to the jacket of an officiant during a wedding ceremony or to the guest of honor during a speech. Ask about their sound options so you know what to expect and ensure that no microphone or other equipment will be in the way of your celebration.

2. Do you only book one event each day?

If a videographer has a morning speech to record the day of your evening birthday party, this may not interfere with your plans. However, if they need to rush to two different weddings or parties in one day, you may see that they arrive late or need to leave your party long before it's over. Usually your contract will be for a certain number of hours or certain timeframe, but it's often good to ensure your major event is their only event that day. This will cut down on the risk of having them delayed and will give you the opportunity to keep them overtime if you think it's needed for your event.

3. Will the video be HD-quality?

With many computers and televisions being equipped for high definition playback, you may want to ask if this is something they offer with their finished videos. If not, you may see some fuzzy areas or a less than crisp picture with the video they create. If you have a high-def TV or want to enjoy the finished video in high-def, be sure you ask about this and don't assume that it's an option with the video they produce.

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